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End of Month Potpourri-April 2015

End of Month Potpourri-April 2015

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good. ~ Brian Tracy     For this month’s potpourri, I am continuing my thoughts about self-love.  Self-love and self-care are things we are not routinely […]

Poetry Sunday-A New Life

Poetry Sunday-A New Life

A New Life   Survive or thrive A hard lesson learned.   From wee bulbs in spring, pushing forth through softened earth.   And wee birds chorusing beautiful songs, a joyous burst.   Simply being or living, I’ve found my path.   A light brightly burning. No longer in darkness.   Time to fly, time […]

Wildlife Lessons-Butterflies

Wildlife Lessons-Butterflies

“Like a butterfly stuck in a chrysalis, waiting for the perfect moment, I was waiting for the day I could burst forth and fly away and find my home.” ― Emme Rollins     I have long identified with butterflies.  Seeing them instantly brought me great inexplicable joy and happiness.  A freeing, playful spirit would overtake […]

Soaring in the New Year

Soaring in the New Year

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney     As the new year unfolds today, I am thinking of so many things that I want to try, to accomplish, that I am dreaming of.  There are great possibilities […]

Favorite Quote This Week:

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” ~ Aristotle


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