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Poetry Sunday-Do You Talk To The Bees?




Do You Talk To The Bees?



Do you talk to the bees?  Well I do.  I wish them a good morning, with the sun’s first rays.  And as I do,  I give a wide berth to these buzzing teenagers, slow to wake.  They can be ornery, you see.  And if aroused, you might feel the sting of their wrath if they are still trying to sleep on their flowery beds.  They require a soft voice, and gentle touch.  Needing time to stretch their wings and get their bearings, they drink in the moment.  They linger over their first sip of nectar or sniff of silky pollen passion.  But once tasted, they move from plant to plant leaving their mark.  Letting all know, “I have been here”.



Catching the first light

Dancing through the morning scents

Waking to my day



© Donna Donabella 2016


I love to go into my garden and start the day by watching the bees sleeping on flowers.  And I talk with them as they are just beginning to wake.  Thanking them for being part of my garden sanctuary, and pollinating the flowers bringing us abundance.  They remind me to savor the beginning of the day, and live in the moment.


The pictures here are of those spring bees that wake early in the garden season, and do their spring dance bringing me indescribable joy.  This haibun poem is in honor of these precious bees, who are under assault from chemical warfare.



I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.

bee collage



I leave you with a few additional words about talking to the bees.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

talk to bees

All other photos and original content is copyrighted and the sole property of Donna Donabella @ Living From Happiness, 2014-2016.  Any reprints or use of other photos or content is by permission only.

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  1. June 12, 2016    

    Of course I talk to the bees.
    And the butterflies.
    And everything else which is revelling in the garden with me.

    • June 14, 2016    

      Me too Soosie! I so enjoy the conversations!

  2. June 12, 2016    

    It is not for nothing they are fondly referred to as busy bees!. They are and we humans unashamedly rob them of all of their efforts after that. Nicely Donna!


  3. June 12, 2016    

    Beautiful. Thanks for inviting us to download the picture — your lovely photograph and words should be shared. P. x

    • June 17, 2016    

      Thanks so much Pam…I am pleased you enjoyed the poem and pictures!

  4. Ann Ann
    June 12, 2016    


  5. June 12, 2016    

    Lovely tribute to the bees. I do like to watch their early morning dance.

    • June 17, 2016    

      It is most enjoyable isn’t it Mary!

  6. June 12, 2016    

    This made me think of the queen bee…sat at the centre of the hive waiting for her young ones to return the pollen..perhaps when we reach a certain age we need that time alone..perhaps the temporary buzz of youth is exciting but still..a little quiet and industrious contemplation can be much welcome

    • June 17, 2016    

      Oh lovely thoughts Jae Rose…thanks for sharing!

  7. June 12, 2016    

    a beautiful haibun Donna…honeyed words…your garden is their sanctuary indeed…

    • June 17, 2016    

      Thanks so much Sumana….the garden is a sanctuary for me too!

  8. June 12, 2016    

    I talk to the flowers and stare at the bees; well i suppose to each his/her own

    Have a blessed Sunday Donna

    much love…

    • June 17, 2016    

      Wonderful Gillena….glad to hear you talk to the bees too!

  9. June 12, 2016    

    I don’t have many bees to talk to in my wee balcony garden, but there is an enormous drone that buzzes around every now and again. I make him feel welcome, have asked him to invite a few friends… Still, he’s cautious, perhaps because of a few murderous wasps who seem to really like it around my place.

    This is beautiful haibun. The tone is sweet enough to make me smile for days. I can smell the morning in the tone, and it’s promising all kinds of things. 🙂

    • June 17, 2016    

      Thanks so much Magaly…I hope your bee brings his friends!

  10. June 12, 2016    

    I watched some playing bumblebees in my garden today, but I was out of words and just watched them drinking nectar.

  11. Kerry O'Connor Kerry O'Connor
    June 12, 2016    

    It can’t be easy to capture the bees at work with your camera. These are delightful views of a summery morning.

    • June 17, 2016    

      Thanks Kerry….I love the challenge of getting pictures of these elusive creatures.

  12. June 12, 2016    

    I love that you talk to bees, and smile at the view of them as teenagers, who need gentle handling.

    • June 17, 2016    

      Oh I am so glad you liked the poem…and those ornery teenagers!

  13. June 12, 2016    

    Such a gorgeous depiction of bees dancing through the morning light 😀

    Lots of love,

    • June 17, 2016    

      Oh thanks so much Sanaa…you described it so lovely!

  14. June 12, 2016    

    So nice to see your garden friends awaken. I know they help you awaken in a different sense. The poem, the pictures all beautiful Donna.

    • June 17, 2016    

      They awaken me indeed Myrna…thank you!

  15. June 12, 2016    

    I love to hear the gentle humming of bees. I always pause to listen to them 🙂

    • June 17, 2016    

      They make beautiful music, don’t they!

  16. June 12, 2016    

    A lovely way to wake up!

  17. June 12, 2016    

    A wonderful haibun and the teenage personification of the bees, is delightful. I had to smile: after posting a poem about me talking to myself, I read your post about talking to bees. LOL Maybe it’s a June thing!

    • June 17, 2016    

      I think it might be a June thing Wendy….glad you enjoyed the poem!

  18. June 12, 2016    

    Beautiful photos, and I like your haibun,


  19. June 13, 2016    

    So good to read, for many reasons. (I do what I can to help the bees survive.)

    • June 17, 2016    

      Nice to hear you help the bees too Rosemary!

  20. June 13, 2016    

    Lovely poem and great photos – my raspberry patch is alive with bees but my photography skills don’t allow me to capture them LOL. Another blog I follow (Mum turned Mom) has a poetry prompt and this week the theme is dancing – you might like to look it up.

    • June 17, 2016    

      Thanks Rosie and I will have to check out the blog you mentioned!

  21. June 13, 2016    

    Hello, pretty poem Donna. Taking an early morning walk in the garden sounds lovely. I do not get too close to the bees, but I am very thankful for the bee and pollinators. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    • June 17, 2016    

      Glad you liked the poem Eileen…I do give the bees a wide berth too especially when they are collecting!

  22. Abin Chakraborty Abin Chakraborty
    June 13, 2016    

    that’s a lovely morning!

  23. June 13, 2016    

    I love the comparison to waking a sleeping teenager!

    • June 17, 2016    

      Thanks MZ…they just seem to have the same attitude …..glad you enjoyed that comparison.

  24. June 13, 2016    

    I had a close encounter with a bumblebee on my bike ride yesterday. First, it landed on my hand and it’s touch was feathery soft but scratchy! I loved this encounter and can see you love them too! I do talk to the bees and wish them well.

    I took a picture and used it for my haiku write this week:

    • June 17, 2016    

      What a wonderful encounter and haiku Bekkie!

  25. June 13, 2016    

    I thought it’s wonderful to talk to bees…wow! Maybe I would stay safe in the past if I talked….well, now I know. Thank you for sharing!

    • June 17, 2016    

      Oh the flowers and critters love to be talked too…glad you enjoyed the poem!

  26. June 13, 2016    

    What a delightful Haibun. I used to love sitting in the garden seeing them busy in there buzzing by to say hello some even stopped to check me out but they never stung me though for I just wasn’t worth dying over.

    • June 17, 2016    

      They only sting me if i get in their way when they are delivering pollen to the nest.

  27. June 14, 2016    

    This sounds like a perfectly delicious way to waken to the day!

    • June 17, 2016    

      It is indeed….I look forward to it each spring!

  28. June 15, 2016    

    Of course I talk to everything in the yard……. Michelle

  29. June 16, 2016    

    I most certainly do talk to bees and all other critters and blooms in the garden.

    • June 16, 2016    

      I would have bet that you did Linda! 😉

  30. June 17, 2016    

    Delightful poem and more gorgeous photos. Thanks again Donna, I talk to the bees too!

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