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Happy Holidays

happy holidays


Today marks the celebration of Christmas around the world.  It is a day of hope, a day of new beginnings, a day for families and friends to gather together.  It means so much to so many, and yet we all have our different memories, traditions and beliefs.


And during this time of Christmas, there are many other holidays celebrated as well.  Chanukah has just ended, Kwanza will begin tomorrow.  We celebrate the New Year soon and we just celebrated the Winter Solstice as the days now lengthen and the light returns to the North.


Recently I discovered this Tara Mohr quote that spoke volumes to me and shifted my perspective of gratitude.  I thank Sor’a Garrett@The SHINE Connection for bringing it to me in her Joy of Giving series.


“Gratitude for makes me feel fortunate, gratitude to makes me feel in my right place-as a humbled, limited, human being. Gratitude for is about counting our blessings. Gratitude to is about being on the receiving end of a conversation with something larger.”   ~Tara Mohr


So during this special time of the year, I am filled with gratitude for so much and to so many people.  And I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to thank all of you for your support of my new blog.  Whether you read, comment, subscribe or pop over from time to time, I extend my gratitude to you.


And I wish you Happy Holidays as you celebrate the season.  



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  1. December 25, 2014    

    Happy holidays, Donna!

    • December 25, 2014    

      Hope your day is filled with many wonderful memories and blessings Katarina!

  2. December 25, 2014    

    That is a lovely quote to contemplate. Merry Christmas to you, Donna.


    • December 25, 2014    

      Glad you enjoyed it Karen! Wishing you all the best at this holiday time….

  3. December 25, 2014    

    Happy holidays indeed.
    Gratitude is a gift which keeps on giving.

    • December 25, 2014    

      And I am most grateful to you my friend!

  4. December 25, 2014    

    Happy Holidays, Donna! 🙂

    • December 25, 2014    

      Wishing you a wonderful holiday season Loredana!

  5. December 26, 2014    

    I’m grateful for all your visits and comments Donna – and wish you and all your family all the best for Christmas x

    • December 26, 2014    

      Thanks so much Laura….here’s to a wonderful holiday season and New Year!

  6. December 26, 2014    

    To you as well, Donna!

    • December 26, 2014    

      Big hugs Elena…enjoy your holiday!!

  7. December 27, 2014    

    And to you as well…hug… Michelle

  8. December 27, 2014    

    It wasn’t a white Christmas, but a warm one…that was a treat.

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“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” ~ Aristotle


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